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Moving Check List
Two to Four Weeks
  1. Visit the Office of P.M. Relocations (Pvt.) Ltd. and make a paid deposit to guarantee your scheduled reservation of a moving van and men. Thursday to avoid the weekend rush.
  2. Sell or donate unwanted things. Try a garage sale.
  3. Send change-of-address cards to magazines, charge accounts, friends and relatives.
  4. Get copies of school records. 
 Two to Seven Days
  1. Discard all flammables, such as paint and gasoline.
  2. Line up a baby-sitter for moving day.
  3. Finish packing. Leave out items you'll need for moving day.
  4. Empty and defrost fridge and freezer.
 Moving Eve 
  1. Have everything packed and ready to load except bedding.
  2. Pick up ice and beverages for moving day.

 Moving Day 
  1. Have the baby-sitter watch your children while you're loading.
  2. Strip beds. Cover mattresses with bags.

Turn off water and lights. Lock windows and doors. And don't forget to make sure that the billing for the utilities and other services is changed. And make sure that everyone knows your new forwarding address

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