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City Orientation

Knowing the new city in which you are moving in can be a difficult task and especially in a linguistic and culturally rich country like India it can be quite a task. One can face simple problems from language to traffic problems as each city works independently in the country.
Following services are offered By PMR

  1. Brief overview of the host city
  2. We welcome you with an information docket that consists of –city map, guide, city specific information, places to visit and important telephone numbers.
  3. Introduction to local grocery shops and other important outlets like garage, telephone exchange, banks, beauty parlours, tuition centers etc.
  4. Availability of a reliable local guide to take you around the city and show you around
  5. Organize trips for city site seeing and nearby places.
  6. Orientation program for housewives for any assistance for adjustment in the society.
  7. Introduction to social networking clubs in different cities.
  8. Familiarize with the famous restaurants and hotels according to your budget.
  9. Rented cars available.
  10. Aid in important registrations in the city.
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