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Fine Art Handling

Fine art and antiquities need to be handled with the utmost care. We understand the importance of your art works. After all you pay a big amount of money to purchase your antiques pieces. Caring for your fine art pieces is more than our passion. We offer a totally professional service, that will ensure your relocation is smooth, trouble free and your art will stay in its original condition, no matter how long the journey. We understand the importance of being reliable and punctual while maintaining high levels of professionalism, discretion & courtesy. We work with you to develop, design and construct crating and other structures that meet your exact specifications.


Fine art handling service also include the following

1. Door to Door service
2. professional art packing/crating, installation and dismantling
3. Import & Export customs formalities service
4. Special Storage
5. Air and Sea freight forwarding services for fine artworks
6. Insurance Service






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