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Name: Jamneshwar Pamidimukkala
Country: India
Comments: Dear Yoji san, today i will be receiving the remaining two cartons at my Bangalore residence. I sincerely appreciate for all the pains taken to deliver my goods, the Japanese experience is the BEST. i am extremely satisfied with the way the packing is done by your team in Kobe, Japan. Unfortuantely I cannot say the same as far as the Indian experience is concerned. However, there are two individuals who stand out as a silver lining the way they handled the relocation at ground zero a) firstly i thank mr Venkateswara rao, who is customer centric and understands the requirements of the clients. b) secondly, another team member who stand out is Ms Bhanumathy,who is very pleasant to deal with and extremely cordial , even if she has to listen to NO as an answer from me. Her follow up is incredible. nice to have such people around to help us in settling in India after a 4 year stint in Japan. Thank you very much Yoji san, regards

Name: Kannan
Country: Norway
Comments: Mary, Packing is done and the service from your end was very supportive and impressive. Mr John was very helpful and i am happy with all the crew members. Special thanks to you for your good support in coordinating this move and clarrifying all my queries. I shall let you know about my adresss at destination once I have . Thanks Kannan

Name: Devi Prasad
Country: India
Comments: Dear Mary, This is place our appreciation on record for your continues commitment and support to LGSI, we are really impressed by your commitment when you have done the task on time. Such commitments are rare to find from P.M Relocation ( Import) and it gives us enormous confidence to have business partners like P M Relocation on board. We had getting excellent service from export team what they had fulfilled our requirement on time. LGE group as such keeps such fair business practice in high esteem and would like to have continued, committed relationship with your company in future. Once again our profound THANKS to you and I wish you all the best for the future of P M Relocation. I convey my appreciation to you and your team members connected with this work. With our best regards, Deviprasad

Name: Daksha Sharma
Country: India
Comments: Hello Nirosha, I have recieved my luggage today morning as intimated by you. I am very happy with your work.You have been frequently giving me status of my luggage and left me without worrying for my goods. I was also very comfortable to talk to you and discuss my queries. I wish you all the best and keep up the good job! Regards, Daksha

Name: nagendra aithal k
Country: Singapore
Comments: Hello everyone Thanks for the bills I would like to convey my sincere thanks to all of you for smooth shifting of my HHG Once again, thanqueee...... nagendra aithal k SBI Singapore.

Name: Rakesh Raj
Country: UK
Comments: Hi Mary Your crew had arrived today on time and finished the packing well on time. Thanks to your excellent coordination everything went on very smoothly. Do keep up the good job and hope the entire process till delivery at UK is well coordinated in the same fashion. Regards Rakesh Raj

Name: Tek
Country: India
Comments: Dear Bharti jee, Thanks for the mail. With this mail I acknowledge the receipt of all my items in good condition. I am really impressed with your prompt service regarding custom clearance and home delivery despite the long time other parties took to send the shipment to Delhi. Thank you very much. Tek

Name: Shalini Srivastava
Country: India
Comments: Dear Bhanumathi Thank you for the help during my shifting from Hyd to Bangalore recently. Very good service from the entire team in both the cities. Thank you Bhanumathi Regards Shalini

Name: Sachin
Country: India
Comments: We recently contracted P.M. Relocations Pvt. Ltd. to move our four bedroom place from one location in DLF Phase V to another location within Phase V. The process started with an email response to my internet query, followed by a site visit, a quote, a revised quote and then the move. The movers arrived on time, were very organized and courteous. Although a local move, over a short distance of 2 km., they packed our goods per international standards – resulting in zero breakages. Their supervisor, Vinod, managed the move very well on the day of the move and their sales person Ankit Nigam was very responsive before, during and after the move. I give them high marks!

Name: Djamel
Country: France
Comments: Hello Yogesh, Just to confirm what I said on the phone yesterday. Your relocation service was superb and the co-ordination with Paris was perfect. Everything was on time as estimated by Paris and your services. So far we have not noticed any breakage or any issue. I know we have 10 days to claim in case we do have issues. I will need to check the electronic appliances.


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